[meta-oe] [PATCH] libblockdev: upgrade 2.27 -> 2.28


Fix typos
lvm: Fix bd_lvm_get_supported_pe_sizes in Python on 32bit
tests: Create bigger devices for XFS tests
tests: Use ext instead of xfs in MountTestCase.test_mount_ro_device
mpath: Memory leak fix
spec: Require the same version utils from plugins
mdraid: Try harder to get container UUID in bd_md_detail
Add a test case for DDF arrays/containers
mdraid: Do not ignore errors from bd_md_canonicalize_uuid in bd_md_examine
mdraid: Try harder to get container UUID in bd_md_examine
mdraid: Fix copy-paste error when checking return value
tests: Wait for raid and mirrored LVs to be synced before removing
tests: Make smaller images for test_lvcreate_type
dm: Fix comparing DM RAID member devices UUID
mdraid: Fix use after free
ci: Add .lgtm.yaml config for LGTM
ci: Add GitHub actions for running rpmbuilds and csmock
mpath: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference
Fix mismatched functions return value type

Signed-off-by: Wang Mingyu <wangmy@...>
.../libblockdev/{libblockdev_2.27.bb => libblockdev_2.28.bb} | 2 +-
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)
rename meta-oe/recipes-extended/libblockdev/{libblockdev_2.27.bb => libblockdev_2.28.bb} (97%)

diff --git a/meta-oe/recipes-extended/libblockdev/libblockdev_2.27.bb b/meta-oe/recipes-extended/libblockdev/libblockdev_2.28.bb
similarity index 97%
rename from meta-oe/recipes-extended/libblockdev/libblockdev_2.27.bb
rename to meta-oe/recipes-extended/libblockdev/libblockdev_2.28.bb
index eff775c930..44b4e7daf9 100644
--- a/meta-oe/recipes-extended/libblockdev/libblockdev_2.27.bb
+++ b/meta-oe/recipes-extended/libblockdev/libblockdev_2.28.bb
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ inherit autotools gobject-introspection pkgconfig

SRC_URI = "git://github.com/storaged-project/libblockdev;branch=2.x-branch;protocol=https \
-SRCREV = "2a651c1366bc3a56982d97ebeec03744b5f9dcd0"
+SRCREV = "1412dc51c8f76bf8d9a6008228737db4a9a26d69"
S = "${WORKDIR}/git"

FILES:${PN} += "${libdir}/python2.7/dist-packages ${libdir}/python3.*/site-packages"