[Bug 1365] New: altboot does not find CF card



Summary: altboot does not find CF card
Product: Openembedded
Version: OpenZaurus 3.5.4.x
Platform: Other
OS/Version: Linux
Status: NEW
Severity: normal
Priority: P2
Component: Distributions
AssignedTo: openembedded-devel@...
ReportedBy: bugs.openembedded.org@...
QAContact: tinderbox-oe@...
OtherBugsDependingO 1093


using altboot compiled from the latest sources in .dev My feed is at
http://oz.leggewie.org/ipk/ Quite obviously, this might be something I did
wrong but on the other hand it might also be that I caught a newly introduced
bug early.

Upon reboot, altboot (or some other software) will usually fail to mount the CF
card and thus fail to boot the loop image on the CF card. To remedy the
situation, I boot either the installation in flash or another one on SD. On
the next reboot, the CF card will usually be recognized.



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