[Bug 1353] gpe-session-scripts shouldn't depend on gpe-bluetooth



------- Comment #3 from hma@... 2006-08-26 07:39 -------
It is good news for SL-C series of Zaurus users if bluetooth is going to be
* SL-C860, SL-C760, SL-C750, SL-C700
* SL-C3200, SL-C3100, SL-C3000
* SL-C1000
In OpenZaurus machine name, they are c7x0, terrier, borzoi, spitz, akita.
They don't have built-in Bluetooth facility.
In these machines, bluetooth packages should be recommended instead of depended
Especially it is effective for c7x0, as noted by Rolf, flash area for
root partition is small.

SL-6000W has built-in bluetooth facility.
In this machine bluetooth may be depended on.

At a glance, gpe-auto-bluetooth is already non-bluefish-package ready.
Isn't it?
/etc/sysconfig/bluetooth exists for non-bluetooth machines?

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