[Bug 1362] New: Meta-bug: Get some of the goodies from openzaurus-ja into OE itself



Summary: Meta-bug: Get some of the goodies from openzaurus-ja
into OE itself
Product: Openembedded
Version: OpenZaurus 3.5.4.x
Platform: Other
OS/Version: Linux
Status: NEW
Severity: normal
Priority: P2
Component: Build
AssignedTo: openembedded-devel@...
ReportedBy: bugs.openembedded.org@...
QAContact: tinderbox-oe@...
CC: ppc8260@...
OtherBugsDependingO 1094

Our Japanese friends at http://openzaurus-ja.sourceforge.jp have created a
couple of patches and made them available at
These should really be fed back into OE itself and I will try to do get them
into OE one after the other.

Tota-san, can you please encourage your peers at openzaurus-ja to contribute
back to OE. We should not duplicate efforts and getting openzaurus-ja's
patches into OE itself will make things easier for all of you.

If the English language is a problem, I am always willing to help. Also, if
you have technical questions related on how to contribute patches, let me know.
I might not always answer immediately, but eventually I will ;-)

This bug report will serve as a meta-bug, I will open new bug reports for the
individual packages as I prepare them to be included in OE.

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