Re: [OE-core] Introducing yb - a new tool for Yocto environment setup/management

Chris Laplante

The bitbake-layers command is needed only to generate the layer config file
(in json format) out of an already existing yocto setup. It does not perform
the actual layer fetch/setup from the json. That's the feature I like the most
in my proposal: none of the other tools bootstrap the config file in this way,
you need to always write it by hand.

The actual layer setup (using the json) is performed by an independent, self-
contained python script (copied from a template in oe-core), which you can
place anywhere you want (e.g. in a product layer repo, or in a 'config stream
repo'), and which does not require an active yocto environment or a poky
checkout. The equivalant of 'yb sync' would be to pull that repo to get latest
revisions of the script and the json, then run the script pointing to an existing
checkout - it will sync everything to the revisions in json.
Ah, I misunderstood your approach then. That all makes sense and sounds very nice.


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