Re: [OE-core] Introducing yb - a new tool for Yocto environment setup/management

Chris Laplante

Hi Alex,

do you think any of these pieces could be moved to 'official yocto',
specifically as bitbake-layers subcommands? I read through the README, and
it seems that things like 'status' and 'run' would fit very well there.
I would agree that 'status' and 'run' would be useful additions, though I can't say I'll have time to volunteer to do it :(.

Also note that there's a proposal for a json schema and layer tooling that
would be provided directly in oe-core:
I saw that a few weeks ago and it is certainly good work :). (as are the other existing solutions, like kas, whisk, etc.)

But IMHO bundling the layer setup tool inside bitbake itself feels a bit like the chicken-and-egg problem. I'd like my spec file (or JSON file, kas configuration file, whatever) to be a complete manifest of things to download. But with bitbake-layers, first I need to know the right version of poky and where to get it. Also, I think it would be hard to implement 'yb sync'-like functionality there, specifically if we wanted to be able to change between poky branches.

Overall the thing I like about yb is that it is independent of Yocto/BitBake and easier to setup. Like an IDE, I can install it once and use it across multiple projects.

I can't help but say that there's a certain bit of irony in referring to
v5OcA%3D&reserved=0 - when introducing yet another external tool
for yocto layer management :-)
The irony is not lost on me :), especially given the layer setup tool conversation last month.


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