Re: [oe-core][RFC PATCH 1/2] pipewire: fix build

Carlos Rafael Giani

It is my impression that libsdl2 is built natively for QEMU, and for nothing else, which means that having pipewire-nativesdk would not be necessary..?

On 21.05.22 10:03, Markus Volk wrote:

I didn't have a specific use case. I was just trying to build libsdl2 identical for target and native. And since libsdl2 can be built for nativesdk, the consequence would be that pipewire-nativesdk is needed to be built as well.

Am 21.05.22 um 08:58 schrieb Scott Murray:
On Fri, 20 May 2022, Markus Volk wrote:

-after updating to poky master i get issues picking the right udev provider
-add a backport patch to fix libsdl2 build with pipewire enabled
-allow native/nativesdk build

I'm curious what your usecase is for native/nativesdk?  There's no
preprocessor or similiar tools in pipewire that I'm aware of.


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