Re: buildpaths warnings in meta-openembedded

Richard Purdie

On Mon, 2022-07-18 at 08:02 -0700, akuster808 wrote:

On 7/17/22 23:52, Richard Purdie wrote:
OE-Core recently enabled buildpaths in WARN_QA. This is so any
reproducibility issues are highlighted by the build much earlier and
for a wider cross section of the userbase. We're now at a point where
having issues show up earlier to users is feasible and very valuable.

We've managed to sort out OE-Core but meta-oe still has a number of
issues. I've listed the ones from the last autobuilder run below. Note
that where multiple files in a package trigger a warning, this will
only list the first occurrence. To reproduce locally, after the first
warning shows, the object will install from sstate and now warning will
show a second time so you need to use "-C package_qa" to test under
some cases.
Any indication this new QA check will be backported to the stable branches?
I wasn't planning to, it has needed a lot of fixes in different places.
Where there are good fixes for existing code, we might backport those.

Also, just for reference, this QA test already exists even in dunfell.
It just isn't enabled and has bugs. We might backport the bug fixes,
those would be safe enough (they're in the test itself so isolated).



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