Re: [meta-networking] Incorrect src branch for http-parser

Khem Raj

Please send a patch to update it to use main for branchname.

On Thu, Jun 2, 2022 at 1:59 AM Aurélien Bertron
<aurelienbertron@...> wrote:


I am experiencing a bug on kirkstone branch: the http-parser recipe fetches its sources from repo :

SRC_URI = "git://;branch=master;protocol=https"
SRCREV = "2343fd6b5214b2ded2cdcf76de2bf60903bb90cd"

Problem: the branch is set to master but it does not exist on
upstream repo, the default branch is main. This makes the fetch step
to fail.

A possible workaround is to extend the recipe to change the SRC_URI.


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