OpenEmbedded Developer Virtual Meeting (OEDVM) December 2021

Jon Mason

There will be an OpenEmbedded Developer Virtual Meeting (OEDVM) held
on Friday, 03 December 2021. This will be the day after the Yocto
Project® Summit 2021.11 concludes. The scheduled time will match the
YP Summit's start at 12 UTC/7AM Eastern, and run until 20 UTC/3PM (or
earlier if we run out of topics, but then will most likely turn into a
happy hour).

The event has been added to the OE Calendar

We have added some topics that should be interesting to the larger audience at:

We are looking for "moderators" for the currently listed topics. This
entails helping to get the discussion started by presenting 1-5 slides
on the topic and problems currently being experienced.

If you do not see something listed you would like to discuss, please
add it and put yourself as the "moderator" (and a rough time estimate
for discussion).

As always, if you are not an OpenEmbedded Member (but are interested
in joining), please attend OEDVM and you can be voted in.

If there are any questions, please feel free to email me and/or the
entire OE board (board@...).


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