openssh-dev package and populate_sdk conflicts

Matt Johnston

Hi OE list,

Recently OpenBMC merged a change to install openssh-sftp-server package
alongside dropbear sshd [1]. That caused a conflict in "populate_sdk" which
installs all available -dev packages [2]. 'openssh-dev' pulls in an
'openssh' -> 'openssh-sshd' dependency which conflicts with 'dropbear' [3].

What would be the recommended way to handle that situation? For now OpenBMC
has merged a change to disable building openssh-dev (it's empty since
openssh doesn't have libraries) [4].

Should non-library packages handle -dev packages differently? The defaultĀ 
-dev package comes from bitbake.conf .



* - package openssh-8.7p1-r0.arm1176jzs conflicts with dropbear provided
by dropbear-2020.81-r0.arm1176jzs
* - package openssh-dev-8.7p1-r0.arm1176jzs requires openssh = 8.7p1-r0,
but none of the providers can be installed


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