Re: [meta-oe][master][PATCH 1/2] p7zip: build and package needed for fastboot

Khem Raj

On 5/29/21 10:16 AM, Martin Jansa wrote:
On Sat, May 29, 2021 at 10:06:33AM -0700, Khem Raj wrote:

On 5/29/21 1:55 AM, Martin Jansa wrote:
The version merged in master with: <>

still doesn't apply cleanly:
yes infact and CI reported it too

and I missed loooking beyond the gensio issue there.
Understood, you still do a great job catching (and fixing) most issues.

Will send a fix for this.
really appreacite that.
Maintaining meta-oe for many years, before Armin and then you finally
removed that burden from me has taught me how much work it is just to
keep it build-able and how little help maintainer gets - so I'm trying
to continue submitting fixes in the little spare time I've left.
I encourage everyone to chime in and lend a helping hand in whichever way they can. Even if someoone looked through CI builds [1] for errors would be a great help, perhaps tooling the failures to be emailed to OE devel ml could be done too if someone has spare time.


Thanks Khem!!!


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