[meta-python][PATCH 2/5] python3-ecdsa: Upgrade 0.16.1 -> 0.17.0

Leon Anavi

Upgrade to release 0.17.0:

- Keys that use explicit curve parameters can now be read and
written. Reading of explicit curves can be disabled by using
the valid_curve_encodings keyword argument in
VerifyingKey.from_pem(), VerifyingKey.from_der(),
SigningKey.from_pem(), and SigningKey.from_der().
- Keys can now be written with use of explicit curve parameters,
use curve_parameters_encoding keyword argument of
VerifyingKey.to_pem(), VerifyingKey.to_der(),
SigningKey.to_pem(), or SigningKey.to_der() to specify the
format. By default named_curve will be used, unless the curve
doesn't have an associated OID (as will be the case for an
unsupported curve), then explicit encoding will be used.
- Allow specifying acceptable point formats when loading public
keys (this also fixes a minor bug where python-ecdsa would
accept raw encoding for points in PKCS#8 files). Set of accepted
encodings is controlled by valid_encodings keyword argument in
VerifyingKey.from_string(), VerifyingKey.from_pem(),
- PointJacobi and Point now inherit from AbstractPoint that
implements the methods for parsing points. That added
from_bytes() and to_bytes() methods to both of them.
- Curve parameters can now be read and written to PEM and DER
files. The Curve class supports new to_der(), from_der(),
to_pem(), and from_pem() methods.

Signed-off-by: Leon Anavi <leon.anavi@...>
.../python/{python3-ecdsa_0.16.1.bb => python3-ecdsa_0.17.0.bb} | 2 +-
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)
rename meta-python/recipes-devtools/python/{python3-ecdsa_0.16.1.bb => python3-ecdsa_0.17.0.bb} (78%)

diff --git a/meta-python/recipes-devtools/python/python3-ecdsa_0.16.1.bb b/meta-python/recipes-devtools/python/python3-ecdsa_0.17.0.bb
similarity index 78%
rename from meta-python/recipes-devtools/python/python3-ecdsa_0.16.1.bb
rename to meta-python/recipes-devtools/python/python3-ecdsa_0.17.0.bb
index 819d41e86..1401f8e58 100644
--- a/meta-python/recipes-devtools/python/python3-ecdsa_0.16.1.bb
+++ b/meta-python/recipes-devtools/python/python3-ecdsa_0.17.0.bb
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://LICENSE;md5=66ffc5e30f76cbb5358fe54b645e5a1d"
DEPENDS += "python3-pip python3-pbr"

PYPI_PACKAGE = "ecdsa"
-SRC_URI[sha256sum] = "cfc046a2ddd425adbd1a78b3c46f0d1325c657811c0f45ecc3a0a6236c1e50ff"
+SRC_URI[sha256sum] = "b9f500bb439e4153d0330610f5d26baaf18d17b8ced1bc54410d189385ea68aa"

inherit pypi setuptools3


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