Re: SRCPV migration

Martin Jansa

On Sun, Nov 15, 2009 at 5:36 PM, Martin Jansa <martin.jansa@...>wrote:

As I sent earlier as reply to [PATCH] bitbake.conf: SRCPV always
paths for git recipes.

First few changes are already in martin_jansa/srcpv branch. All changes to
recipes seems safe, so I would like to push them really soon. For git.bbchanges
I need your advise/ack so please reply.

Is there better way to create upgradeable path then bumping PE? Package
names/.ipk filenames are a bit ugly with PE imho.

Should I prepare one BIG patch for all recipes or commit them 1 by 1?

XorA said that migrating all recipes at once in his xora/angstrom-srcpv
branch was too much work to maintain and push. So I would like to push
it directly to or with really short lived tmp branch, if all
agree that we should migrate all packages globally.
Almost all changes for SRCPV (no SRCREV in my tree now, just few recipes
named * doesn't have SRCPV in PV yet..)
are in martin_jansa/srcpv branch please review them or even cherry-pick some
if you're maintainter of some changed recipes.

Thanks a lot


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