Re: menuconfig task for kernels

Martin Jansa

On Mon, Nov 09, 2009 at 10:40:36AM -0500, Michael Smith wrote:
Przemyslaw Wesolek wrote:
Is this the "right" way to do? If so, maybe menuconfig should be added
as 'after do_configure', instead of 'after do_patch'?
Hi Przemek,

I find if I'm configuring for a new machine, I need to do_patch,
copy a "close" defconfig into place, run make menuconfig, and copy
the .config back to the filesdir where it belongs. The menuconfig
task doesn't save much, as you still have to copy the defconfigs
around. I don't use the task for that reason, and maybe others are
in the same boat.

I think you're right about the order, though; if you sent a patch, I
would ack it, for what it's worth.


From what I checked now in, then you're right that
do_menuconfig is called just after do_patch, which seems wrong, because
in do_configure_prepend it prepares few lines to .config (like logo,
*abi, thumb) and then appends defconfig without conflicting lines.

If I need to enable some options temporary then I use
-c configure (for sane .config)
-c menuconfig (for temporary modification)
-c build

But if you want to use menuconfig for updating defconfig used in OE tree
or default config in kernel (like arch/arm/configs/gta02_defconfig) then
do_configure phase would change some options you didn't want to touch
(as they can be OE specific, ie disabling deprecated sysfs paths for

So 1st case is easily workarounded by user in current state.

2nd will be a bit more difficult if its moved to after do_configure
as you need to revert all changes automagically introduced in
do_configure_prepend in menuconfig or replace .config with defconfig
between do_configure and do_menuconfig or just use load ../defconfig
option from menuconfig. (Hmm doesn't look more difficult now :))

Btw: haven't checked but if you use
-c menuconfig (create custom config)
-c build

isn't your custom .config rewritten in do_configure phase with defconfig
+ do_configure_prepend automagic?.


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