OpenEmbedded Happy Hour May 31 5pm/1700 UTC By Denys Dmytriyenko ·
python3 cryptic build failures 8 messages By Richard Purdie ·
[kirkstone-nut][PATCH] go: fix CVE-2023-24539 html/template improper sanitization of CSS values By vkumbhar ·
[kirkstone][PATCH] perf: fix argument list too long during compile 2 messages By Xiangyu Chen ·
[mickledore][PATCH 1/1] git: ignore CVE-2023-25815 By Polampalli, Archana ·
[kirkstone][PATCH v3] openssh: Remove BSD-4-clause contents completely from codebase 9 messages By Riyaz Ahmed Khan ·
[PATCH] unassign Pascal Bach from cmake entry By Alexander Kanavin ·
[PATCH 3/3] unassign Andreas Müller from itstool entry By Alexander Kanavin ·
[PATCH 2/3] unassign Richard Weinberger from erofs-utils entry By Alexander Kanavin ·
[PATCH 1/3] correct unassigned entries (> was missing) By Alexander Kanavin ·
[kirkstone][PATCHv2] sysstat: Fix CVE-2023-33204 By Hitendra Prajapati ·
[master][PATCH 1/6] recipetool: create: npm: Remove duplicate function to not have future conflicts 2 messages By belouargamohamed@... ·
[PATCH v14] Rust Oe-Selftest implementation 11 messages By Yash Shinde ·
[kirkstone][PATCH] sysstat: Fix CVE-2023-33204 2 messages By Hitendra Prajapati ·
cmake.bbclass poisoning from to /usr/include? By Kenth Eriksson ·
[PATCH v4] Fixes pseudo build in loongarch64 6 messages By 张家岭 ·
[PATCH] update to the last 4.x version 3 messages By Alberto Planas ·
[PATCH][pseudo] Move __*xstat* and __xmknod functions to new subport 'old__x' 4 messages By Mark Hatle ·
[kirkstone 13/13] kernel-devicetree: recursively search for dtbs By Steve Sakoman ·
[kirkstone 12/13] package: enable recursion on file globs By Steve Sakoman ·