[kirkstone][Patch 1/4] rpm: update 4.17.0 -> 4.17.1 By Teoh, Jay Shen ·
[kirkstone][PATCH] glibc-locale: explicitly remove empty dirs in ${libdir} By Denys Dmytriyenko ·
[dunfell 00/11] Pull request (cover letter only) By Steve Sakoman ·
[PATCH v2] mesa: only apply patch to fix ALWAYS_INLINE for native 5 messages By kai ·
[PATCH] babeltrace: Handle negative time and offset from Epoch 4 messages By Xiangyu Chen ·
[PATCH 3/3] systemd: generate manpages indexes 4 messages By Dan McGregor ·
[PATCH] use fstab update also for root device 6 messages By Markus Volk ·
[PATCH 2/3] gcc: set the default target arch 3 messages By Dan McGregor ·
[dunfell][PATCH] go: Add fix for CVE-2022-32190 By Shubham Kulkarni ·
[kirkstone][PATCH] rsync: update 3.2.4 -> 3.2.5 By Florin Diaconescu ·
[kirkstone][PATCH] rsync: update 3.2.3 -> 3.2.4 By Florin Diaconescu ·
[dunfell][PATCH] golang: CVE-2022-27664 net/http: handle server errors after sending GOAWAY By Hitendra Prajapati ·
[openembedded-core][PATCH] graphics: Hotfix for eGalax Touchscreen 3 messages By ·
[PATCH] binutils: another way to clear GPROFNG_ALTS for clang and musl 2 messages By kai ·
[PATCH] rpm: update 4.18.0-rc1 -> 4.18.0-release By Alexander Kanavin ·
[PATCH] tzdata: update to 2022d By Alexander Kanavin ·
[kirkstone][PATCH 2/2] tiff: backport fix for CVE-2022-2953 By Teoh, Jay Shen ·
[PATCH] binutils: apply override toolchain-clang last 5 messages By kai ·
[kirkstone][PATCH] binutils : Fix CVE-2022-38127 By Pgowda ·
[PATCH v3] meson: make wrapper options sub-command specific By Liam Beguin ·
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