[PATCH 5/5] linux-yocto/5.15: update to v5.15.91 By Bruce Ashfield ·
[PATCH 4/5] linux-yocto/6.1: update to v6.1.9 By Bruce Ashfield ·
[PATCH 3/5] linux-yocto/6.1: cfg: remove depreciated configs By Bruce Ashfield ·
[PATCH 2/5] linux-yocto/5.15: update to v5.15.89 By Bruce Ashfield ·
[PATCH 1/5] linux-yocto/6.1: update to v6.1.7 By Bruce Ashfield ·
[PATCH 0/5] linux-yocto: consolidated pull request By Bruce Ashfield ·
[PATCH v2] gnutls: add ptest support By Ravineet Singh ·
[PATCH v3] oeqa/selftest/locales: Create selftest for locales generation By Louis Rannou ·
Current QA failure challenges (perf, QA http-server, asyncio prserv, bitbake runCommand timeout, unfsd test issue) 11 messages By Richard Purdie ·
[langdale 17/17] Fix missing leading whitespace with ':append' By Steve Sakoman ·
[langdale 16/17] libusb1: Strip trailing whitespaces By Steve Sakoman ·
[langdale 15/17] libusb1: Link with latomic only if compiler has no atomic builtins By Steve Sakoman ·
[langdale 14/17] librsvg: Only enable the Vala bindings if GObject Introspection is enabled By Steve Sakoman ·
[langdale 13/17] native: Drop special variable handling By Steve Sakoman ·
[langdale 12/17] quilt: use upstreamed faildiff.test fix By Steve Sakoman ·
[langdale 11/17] libtirpc: Check if file exists before operating on it By Steve Sakoman ·
[langdale 10/17] numactl: skip test case when target platform doesn't have 2 CPU node By Steve Sakoman ·
[langdale 09/17] devtool: fix devtool finish when gitmodules file is empty By Steve Sakoman ·
[langdale 08/17] spirv-headers/spirv-tools: set correct branch name By Steve Sakoman ·
[langdale 07/17] createrepo-c: Include missing rpm/rpmstring.h By Steve Sakoman ·