[PATCH 33/50] conf/machine: Use linux-libc-headers instead of linux-libc-headers-yocto By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 34/50] package.bbclass: Rewrite package_do_filedeps() to reduce the amount of subprocesses created and improve speed By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 35/50] linux-yocto: update to By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 36/50] rootfs_rpm: Fix rootfs generation using RPM packages By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 37/50] rpm: Fix rpm usage of prelink on the target By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 38/50] rpm: Fix rpm-dbg package split By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 39/50] utils.bbclass: add new wrapper script By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 40/50] file: add wrapper to file-native By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 41/50] linuxdoc-tools-native: disable doc builds requriing latex and dvips By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 42/50] Fix LICENSE parsing: license.bblcass By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 43/50] prelink: Add missing macro.prelink file By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 44/50] task-poky-lsb: add necessary packages name By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 45/50] libxml-parser-perl: remove FILES_${PN} By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 46/50] Fixing my bad license parsing: license.bbclass By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 47/50] Fix to the libtool LICENSE field: By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 48/50] Fixing type: license.bbclass By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 49/50] linux-yocto: add crownbay BSP infrastructure By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 50/50] task-poky-lsb: libqtopenqgl4 should be for qemux86 and atom-pc only By Koen Kooi ·
Patchwork not picking up patches 2 messages By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH] remove non-qemu machines 5 messages By Koen Kooi ·