[PATCH 13/50] perl: import parallel build fixes from upstream git tree By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 14/50] Suppress useless warnings during udev startup By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 15/50] gtk+: disable build of faq and tutorial docs By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 16/50] package.bbclass: Unbreak per file dependencies and blacklist doc packages By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 17/50] dropbear: add SRC_URI checksums By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 18/50] package.bbclass: Use hard link for package split instead of copy By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 19/50] package.bbclass: Ensure dependency version information is preserved By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 20/50] linuxdoc-tools-native: new recipe v0.99.6 By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 21/50] libuser: enable documentation By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 22/50] poky-qemu: handle cases where an nfs directory contains -image- By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 23/50] Emenlow Removal from Poky Core: meta-emenlow By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 24/50] documentation/poky-ref-manual/poky-ref-manual.xml: updated copyright date By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 25/50] documentation/bsp-guide/bsp-guide.xml: Updated copyright By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 26/50] documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-manual.xml: Updated copyright date By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 27/50] documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: Added Copyright dates By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 28/50] add image for LSB SDK Build By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 29/50] Revise stripping and splitting of debug information By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 30/50] package.bbclass: Refactor split and strip function By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 31/50] package.bbclass: Fix debug sources directory creation to reference the target system By Koen Kooi ·
[PATCH 32/50] linux-libc-headers: Update to By Koen Kooi ·