Re: [PATCH] glibc: Update patch status

Martin Jansa

The 2nd more important part was backported to 2.36 branch;a=commit;h=302bc33bc53c787da6e74162a7092e9c0fb964a8

If you plan to do another SRCREV bump before glibc upgrade is merged, then we can drop these 2 changes. (I'll try to do another build tests with DEBUG_BUILD, but probably next week or so).

On Tue, Aug 9, 2022 at 4:50 PM Khem Raj <raj.khem@...> wrote:
These patches were appplied in master

Signed-off-by: Khem Raj <raj.khem@...>
 .../0026-x86-Fix-define-STRCPY-guard-in-strcpy-sse2.S.patch     | 2 +-
 .../0027-elf-Replace-strcpy-call-with-memcpy-BZ-29454.patch     | 2 +-
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/meta/recipes-core/glibc/glibc/0026-x86-Fix-define-STRCPY-guard-in-strcpy-sse2.S.patch b/meta/recipes-core/glibc/glibc/0026-x86-Fix-define-STRCPY-guard-in-strcpy-sse2.S.patch
index 2d14a4c6196..2caff3a0d53 100644
--- a/meta/recipes-core/glibc/glibc/0026-x86-Fix-define-STRCPY-guard-in-strcpy-sse2.S.patch
+++ b/meta/recipes-core/glibc/glibc/0026-x86-Fix-define-STRCPY-guard-in-strcpy-sse2.S.patch
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ Subject: [PATCH] x86: Fix `#define STRCPY` guard in strcpy-sse2.S
 defined.  It doesn't end up mattering as the whole check is
 guarded by `#if IS_IN (libc)` but is incorrect none the less.

-Upstream-Status: Submitted []
+Upstream-Status: Backport [;a=commit;h=312ded0d6339e8c463d0395397b5825401b14f54]
 Signed-off-by: Martin Jansa <Martin.Jansa@...>
  sysdeps/x86_64/multiarch/strcpy-sse2.S | 2 +-
diff --git a/meta/recipes-core/glibc/glibc/0027-elf-Replace-strcpy-call-with-memcpy-BZ-29454.patch b/meta/recipes-core/glibc/glibc/0027-elf-Replace-strcpy-call-with-memcpy-BZ-29454.patch
index 1b347b33226..a2c951ad936 100644
--- a/meta/recipes-core/glibc/glibc/0027-elf-Replace-strcpy-call-with-memcpy-BZ-29454.patch
+++ b/meta/recipes-core/glibc/glibc/0027-elf-Replace-strcpy-call-with-memcpy-BZ-29454.patch
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ strlen_pass::handle_builtin_strcpy but only for optimized
 build. To avoid needing to include strcpy.S in the rtld build to
 support the debug build, just do the optimization by hand.

-Upstream-Status: Submitted []
+Upstream-Status: Backport [;a=commit;h=483cfe1a6a33d6335b1901581b41040d2d412511]
 Signed-off-by: Martin Jansa <Martin.Jansa@...>
  elf/dl-cache.c | 5 +++--

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