Intermittent failure issue summary

Richard Purdie

I'm guessing a lot of people don't follow the intermittent issues. I therefore
thought I'd share a summary of some of them along with some random thoughts on
them. There is a mix of different things here, each needing different skills.

Systemd daemon-reload unit restart failures:
AlexK has got part way in figuring out the circumstances of this, any systemd
experts able to spot what I think is a service file dependency issue?

EFI Boot Failure:
"oe-selftest - efibootpartition.GenericEFITest.test_boot_efi selftest"
Does anyone know the EFI boot process and know what logging we might add to the
system so we gain more insight when this happens?

Bitbake parsing error:
"Parsing recipes...ERROR: ParseError in None: Not all recipes parsed, parser
thread killed/died? Exiting" - I just can't spot the logic bug causing this
error (and some similar variants), maybe someone else can?

sstate files not found:
For this one I think we need to write a standalone replica of the tests against
an sstate mirror that sstate.bbclass runs to check if sstate objects exist. That
way we could try different load levels against the project server and see
whether it is the sstate/fetcher code (which does weird things with threads and
concurrent connections) or if it is the server side of things that has some
limit we can't spot.

pseudo do_flush_pseudodb task error:
not sure why this sometimes happens, like need to sport the race in the pseudo
shutdown code.

Memory resident bitbake PR Serv issue:
This is one of the blocking issues on moving to memory resident bitbake by

x86 boot log serio/CD drive timeout in qemu:
We've talked about disabling some of the peripherals we don't need/care about
such as psmouse and the CD drive. Anyone fancy digging into this with upstream
qemu? I suspect there are other people who'd like this too.

Bitbake Server timeout:
This one really needs a rework of bitbake's main loop with a new thread so that
the UI and server can talk even when whatever it is doing (parsing, event
handlers) is blocked. No takers?! Just thought I'd add to the list! :)

These are 8 of the issues and probably the most frequent/annoying or ones where
there is a clearish path forward. The full list of 57:

(it was over 70 at one point, we've beaten it down a bit)



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