Re: [honister][PATCH V3] Rust Oe-Selftest implementation


Hi Richard,

This looks interesting and is improving, thanks. I haven't done a full review on
it but as I glanced through it, I had some questions. See inline below.
Thanks for reviewing the patch and letting me know about your suggestions.

Why do we patch some tests out but exclude others here? What is the difference?
The excluded folders errored out even though they were ignored. There
are no tests in
some of the excluded folders. Hence, they were excluded from being run.

What does 40 mean here?
Sorry for the confusion. It has been removed.

python3-native is normally through an inherit python3native so this could mean
you're not using it?
Removed as not needed.

We're quite past 1.18.0 now so is that still needed?
Removed as not needed.

We've just removed most LooseVersion references from OE-Core since disutils is
deprecated. You can use bb.utils functions instead, like here:
Removed as not needed.

We don't need/want python 2 support here?
Sorry. Did not get the comment here. Can you please elaborate?

We're now a much later version of rust so do we need to support 1.32? That could
solve the LooseVersion problem too!
Thanks for pointing this out. It has been removed as not needed.


PARALLEL_MAKE isn't used above so I doubt this is needed now? (I realise the
Removed as it's not required.


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