The state of DKMS in the Yocto community

Alex Stewart

Hey List,

I'm trying to work out the mysterious state of DKMS in OE-Core.

Our (NI) OE distributions rely heavily on DKMS to (un)install our ecosystem of kernel drivers at runtime across our product lines. To facilitate that, we authored a recipe [1] back in 2017, which we have carried out-of-stream since.

We tried to upstream it, and the patched rev'ed a couple of times [2]; but it seems to have never made it into a yocto release.

Though some other recipes mention DKMS passingly, I don't see anywhere that OE-Core officially supports it. Nor does my googling reveal anyone else who uses DKMS. I find that a little hard to believe, though I understand that it's probably relatively rare in the embedded space.

So does anyone else on the list use DKMS in their yocto distribution? Are you maintaining a DKMS recipe out-of-stream as well?

If NI upgraded our DKMS recipe to a more recent version than 2.4.0 and submitted it again to OE-Core, would you accept it? If not, we will move it to our own meta layer and accept that we are unique in this regard.




Alex Stewart
Software Engineer - NI Real-Time OS
NI (National Instruments)


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