[Isar] bbclass for Debian

Mickaël Delanoë


I try to adapt my personal Yocto meta to Isar Project.

Currently, I try to add "minimalmodbus" recipie, and for this, I need "python-pyserial".
And for "python-pyserial" I need "setutools3"
inherit setuptools3

So I added "setuptools3.bbclass" on my project. But after this, I need other and other classes...

And I asked myself if I use the right ".bbclass" from the right "openembedded-core" branch.

In fact, as I worked with Krogoth distrimution to my previous Yocto Project, I used bbclass from this branch too for my new Isar Project. But Isar is based to Debian so it's maybe not the right way...

Do you know which branch I should used for compatible with Debian distribution ?

Best Regards,
Mickaël Delanoë
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