Re: Yocto : Need help in building latest openembedded branch code

Mark Hatle

The variable syntax has changed between older and newer versions of bitbake.


On 11/15/21 11:59 PM, mohammed aqdam wrote:
Hi There,
I am working on a yocto image for the imx8 board, for this I have created a project with zeus layers for all layers(including meta-imx) using the below manifest file.
|repo init -u https:||//source||
<>||/external/imx/imx-manifest||-b imx-linux-zeus -m
I am trying to fetch master/honister code of openEmbedded on my existing project(Earlier i was using Zeus branch) to use latest modules of perl(5.34.0), chrony(4.1) & gpsd(gpsd 3.23.1 <>), by modifying .repo/manifests/imx-5.4.47-2.2.0.xml with master/honister code for openEmbedded(revision="refs/heads/honister"), later i ran into below error,
$ bitbake -k imx-image-full
ERROR: Unable to start bitbake server (None)
ERROR: Server log for this session
--- Starting bitbake server pid 6315 at 2021-11-16 10:36:44.095759 ---
ERROR: ParseError at
unparsed line: 'DEFAULT_TEST_SUITES:pn-meta-oe-ptest-image = "
Tried updating the bitbake layer(poky) to master/honister in similar fashion, Later seeing the below error in meta-imx/meta-bsp/conf/layer.conf file.
$ bitbake -k imx-image-full
ERROR: Variable FSL_EULA_FILE_MD5SUMS_append contains an operation using the
old override syntax. Please convert this layer/metadata before attempting to
use with a newer bitbake.
I could not find how to use FSL_EULA_FILE_MD5SUMS_append with the latest bitbake.
Request you to suggest how can i use this master/honister code of openEmbedded & with which version of bitbake.

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