New assignment operator?

Andrea Adami

after a few days I've discovered the fallouts of my chat with RP.

Just to be precise the layer is   meta-handheld  and the patch uncovering the issue is:

Note that it was a lightheaded try to fix ubi build failures.
Yes, because of the inflaction in the years nowadays only core-image-minimal fits in the few PEBs.

Being there are pending pull requests I could just revert that patch (plus revert in meta-initramfs as well) and live in peace
I am really tempted to do so :)

Thanks to all for the reviews

FWIW my 2 cents are that we have enough operators.


I think the easier fix is to have IMAGE_FSTYPES defined in collie.conf (MACHINE.conf) but I am sure there are more BSP around grouping the settings in an .inc so no, it's not just about this special case.