Next Yocto Project LTS - April 2022

Richard Purdie

I'm pleased to be able to announce that the project is planning to have
the April 2022 release next year be our next LTS release.

This fits in with our original announced plan of 2 year cycles and 
recognises that the LTS has been well received by members and our 
community. It also aligns well with LTS releases of other projects
meaning we have "co-travellers".

The current dunfell LTS would be due to end at that time. There has
been discussion about extending it beyond the currently planned 
timeframe but no agreement/decision has been made on the extra finance 
that would require at this time. There is also some concern about the 
potential pressure on layer maintainers in wider ecosystem which we
plan to investigate further.

By confirming this now, we're hoping to give people a chance to align
strategies and plan for feature development to land into the LTS. There
is a clear need for any new/experimental changes to be planned/developed
now in order to ensure they're ready and stabilised for the LTS.