Re: Yocto support for Centos-7 (RHEL-7): drop in early 2020?

Randy MacLeod

On 12/10/19 2:34 PM, Khem Raj wrote:
On Tue, Dec 10, 2019 at 9:23 AM Randy MacLeod
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In the YP technical meeting today, Richard suggested that we stop
support for CentOS-7. Is there any objection to doing so
before 3.1-M2?

CentOS-7 is just too old and there is significant work to support it.
I am in support of it, but then I also fear that many corporate
policies might still
be using it until 2024 when security updates end so perhaps would like to hear
centos7 users here. if no one speaks up then we can safely retire it before 3.1

I confirmed that some of our customers still use RHEL-7 for
many of their build machines. Some have only recently gone through the pain
of upgrading from RHEL-6. Such an upgrade is relatively simple for individual
developers but for large organizations it can take many if not 10s of person-years
of work. It would therefore be difficult, costly, and painful for them to migrate
again so soon. As Khem mentioned in another thread, supporting using SCL:
may not be viable for such organizations either.

At some point, be it in 2020 or 2021, such organizations will have to either
update their OSes, use containers/VMs, or arrange for custom support for older distros
but many users would prefer for that day be delayed until after oe-core-3.2 to
coincide with the end of support for new hardware installs.


Richard said that many if not most of the package upgrades that he
deals with fail for CentOS-7 and he has to either fix them himself
or get the person who submitted the work to do so. Newer distributions
are not nearly so problematic.

While the CentOS-7 distro is still a supported by it's provider,
the toolchain is very old:
- gcc-4.8
- glibc-2.17
- binutils-2.27

One could add a newer toolchain to the buildtools tarball to address
some of the CentOS-7 support problems. So far, we have only use
the host's toolchain and it seems best to continue to do so.

Release and support dates for CentOS-6,7,8 are here:
Note that 'Full Updates' or new hardware support for
CentOS-7 stops in Q3 2020.

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