Re: Yocto support for Centos-7 (RHEL-7): drop in early 2020?

Nicholas Krause

On 12/10/19 12:22 PM, Randy MacLeod wrote:

In the YP technical meeting today, Richard suggested that we stop
support for CentOS-7. Is there any objection to doing so
before 3.1-M2?

CentOS-7 is just too old and there is significant work to support it.
Richard said that many if not most of the package upgrades that he
deals with fail for CentOS-7 and he has to either fix them himself
or get the person who submitted the work to do so. Newer distributions
are not nearly so problematic.

While the CentOS-7 distro is still a supported by it's provider,
the toolchain is very old:
 - gcc-4.8
 - glibc-2.17
 - binutils-2.27

One could add a newer toolchain to the buildtools tarball to address
some of the CentOS-7 support problems. So far, we have only use
the host's toolchain and it seems best to continue to do so.

Release and support dates for CentOS-6,7,8 are here:
Note that 'Full Updates' or new hardware support for
CentOS-7 stops in Q3 2020.
When we talking about moving to C++11 on the toolchain side for gcc, generally
the problem was older in support vendor distributions. If CentOS 7 is going out
of support soon its a good idea. Otherwise for now just add a tarball until then
would be my idea.


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