Re: Yocto post-release CVE and package uprev policy - openssl, ffmpeg, etc.

Khem Raj

On 1/26/17 12:10 PM, Randy MacLeod wrote:

Yocto seems to have a policy not to update packages once a
release is generally available. I think that rule should be
broken for certain packages that have been reviewed and tested

for additional background.

For some packages, the upstream development team fixes CVE and
other bugs on their released version and by YP only cherry-picking back
specific fixes, we expose users to additional risk and incur higher
costs of maintenance.

At least two packages that I know of have released
"bug fix only" updates to fix CVEs and other defects for packages
that are in morty:

- openssl 1.0.2j -> 1.0.2k
- ffmpeg 3.1.3 -> 3.1.5

Should we continue to cherry-pick back only the CVEs fixes
or should we review, test, and release the full minor release?
If upstream claims j->k release to just have CVE changesets may be its
not a problem, however if there are more fixes that comes along with
CVEs then we need to understand closely what these fixes are what do
they break, IMO, this could be ok if we have some sort of API/ABI
testing to ensure that nothing else breaks, otherwise someone should sit
and bean the commits for what they are changing.

I've done a review of openssl below but
before I proceed with more evaluation or sending the
uprev to the list for morty, I'd like to know if the upgrade
policy will block such a change. From my analysis, there's only
one change that seems like an upgrade blocker and I need help
to evaluate that since I'm not an openssl maintainer.

I've done the upgrade locally. It's just a few lines and builds
seem to be fine so far. I'll send the upgrade for master
at least once my builds complete and I've done some other


Review of openssl-1.0.2j->k.

Early next week, I'll check for an update on: 1.0.2j->k compatibility
'k' hasn't been done as of Jan 26th.

I looked at the 78 changes to openssl-1.0.2j->k and
found that 4 header files had changed. Here's a list of
the header files and my conclusion/summary.

$ git diff OpenSSL_1_0_2j..OpenSSL_1_0_2k | \
diffstat| grep "\.h"
apps/apps.h | 4
--> Add: always call setup_engine
crypto/evp/evp.h | 6
--> +# define EVP_R_INVALID_KEY and whitespace
crypto/opensslv.h | 6
--> version update
ssl/ssl_locl.h | 2
--> api change but according to [1] it's an internal header
-int ssl_check_clienthello_tlsext_late(SSL *s);
+int ssl_check_clienthello_tlsext_late(SSL *s, int *al);

[1] Mr Burton claims this is (or was?) a private api:

The change to always call setup_engine() may be a problem
but I'm not familiar with the openssl code base so I'm
not sure how big a deal it is. Alex, are you familiar with
this part of openssl?

Here is a list of the commits:

$ git log --oneline OpenSSL_1_0_2j..OpenSSL_1_0_2k | wc -l

$ git log --oneline OpenSSL_1_0_2j..OpenSSL_1_0_2k

081314d Prepare for 1.0.2k release
06f87e9 Update CHANGES and NEWS for new release
918d8ea Better check of DH parameters in TLS data
760d043 bn/asm/ fix carry bug in bn_sqr8x_internal.
51d0090 crypto/evp: harden RC4_MD5 cipher.
8957add Fix error handling in compute_key, BN_CTX_get can return NULL
cb00d4f Fix a ssl session leak due to OOM in lh_SSL_SESSION_insert
149e98d Add missing va_end
16f013f Fix DSA parameter generation control error
52b703f Clean one unused variable, plus an useless one.
1f234f7 GH1986: Document -header flag.
0ecb682 Fix error handling in SSL_CTX_new
2045c58 Fix a memory leak in RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_OAEP_mgf1
18b8431 replace "will lookup up" by "will look up"
58c81e7 Reformat M_check_autoarg to match our coding style
222333c M_check_autoarg: sanity check the key
3fb9f87 Fix typo.
5bbedd3 zero pad DHE public key in ServerKeyExchange message for interop
70705b2 Fix ssl_cert_dup: change one 'return NULL' to 'goto err'
3b584ef Make 'err' lable in ssl_cert_dup unconditional
292bb56 Fix a bug in clienthello processing
7624a31 perlasm/ refine sign extension in ea package.
10a5037 UI_OpenSSL()'s session opener fails on MacOS X
78a3e80 VMS UI_OpenSSL:
if the TT device isn't a tty, flag instead of error
fecd4c2 Check input length to pkey_rsa_verify()
5ae285e Remove extra bang
59ba83c UI code style cleanup
748a2d9 Revert "Fix heartbeat_test"
be3a7dd apps/speed.c: Fix crash when config loading fails
c477f8e INSTALL: clarify 386 and no-sse2 options.
f47201b modes/ctr128.c: fix false carry in counter increment procedure.
c4c7165 Clarify what X509_NAME_online does with
the given buffer and size
31b4307 Make SSL_read and SSL_write return
the old behaviour and document it.
09b894b Use consistent variable names
f4ef1c5 domd: Preserve Makefile time when it is unchanged
7a9d712 mklink: Do not needlessly overwrite linked files...
62f16de domd: Do not needlessly overwrite Makefiles
22cc44d mklink: Do not needlessly overwrite linked files...
ecc9551 Configure: Improve incremental build time
8ac70be Check return value of some BN functions.
3201a1d Solution proposal for issue #1647.
19e1de5 Update CHANGES and NEWS
57c4b9f bn/asm/ fix for CVE-2016-7055 (Low severity).
c210840 clear APPS environment variable.
95873c5 Missed a mention of RT
563a34e Add a CHANGES entry for the unrecognised record type change
f118539 Fail if an unrecognised record type is received
ad69a30 Fix heartbeat_test
ba2bf83 Secure our notification email.
e022375 Fix grammar-o in CONTRIBUTING
787b2dc Add $(EX_LIBS) to the LIBDEPS for,
just as for all other engines
0b9c5da Implement length checks as a macro
a520723 Ensure we have length checks for all extensions
83a1d4b Fix length check writing status request extension
57aa2f1 Fix a double free in ca command line
fa4c374 A zero return from BIO_read/BIO_write() could be retryable
31bf65c Fix typo (reported by Matthias St. Pierre)
0e46901 Fix leak of secrecy in ecdh_compute_key()
3ade92e Correctly find all critical CRL extensions
45f4761 remove redundant zero assignments
cdb203f %p takes void*, so make sure to cast arguments to void*
0df1caa apps: make setup_engine() and release_engine() available always
aa01b82 If an engine comes up explicitely,
it must also come down explicitely
10e60f2 Fix no-des
1c6aab6 Make 'openssl prime ""' not segfault
99c002b Fix strict-warnings build
b0161f6 Fix strict-warnings build
78ee64c Fix signatures of EVP_Digest{Sign,Verify}Update
02a0231 Ensure we handle len == 0 in ERR_err_string_n
6d69dc5 Degrade 3DES to MEDIUM in SSL2
e8e380c RT is put out to pasture
f1f9769 Add missing error string for SSL_R_TOO_MANY_WARN_ALERTS
53a71b7 apps/apps.c: initialize and de-initialize engine
around key loading
a269e5f Revert "Call ENGINE_init() before trying to use keys
from engine"
4badd2b Call ENGINE_init() before trying to use keys from engine
9702bf5 Fix NEWS error
f6e43fe Prepare for 1.0.2k-dev

I've look at any commits that *seem* like they could be more than
a bug fix or that might change the api. Aside from the two issues
related to header files, I didn't see anything to worry about.

$ git diff OpenSSL_1_0_2j..OpenSSL_1_0_2k | diffstat
.travis.yml | 2
CHANGES | 61 ++++++
Configure | 34 ++-
INSTALL | 69 +++--- | 3
NEWS | 8
README | 36 ---
apps/apps.c | 19 +
apps/apps.h | 4
apps/ca.c | 6
apps/cms.c | 5
apps/dgst.c | 1
apps/dh.c | 6
apps/dhparam.c | 8
apps/dsa.c | 7
apps/dsaparam.c | 8
apps/ec.c | 6
apps/ecparam.c | 10
apps/enc.c | 8
apps/gendh.c | 4
apps/gendsa.c | 8
apps/genpkey.c | 2
apps/genrsa.c | 7
apps/pkcs12.c | 7
apps/pkcs7.c | 8
apps/pkcs8.c | 5
apps/pkey.c | 5
apps/pkeyparam.c | 8
apps/pkeyutl.c | 1
apps/prime.c | 12 -
apps/rand.c | 8
apps/req.c | 5
apps/rsa.c | 5
apps/rsautl.c | 5
apps/s_cb.c | 4
apps/s_client.c | 7
apps/s_server.c | 7
apps/smime.c | 5
apps/speed.c | 14 -
apps/spkac.c | 5
apps/srp.c | 8
apps/verify.c | 5
apps/x509.c | 5
crypto/aes/asm/ | 8
crypto/asn1/p5_pbev2.c | 8
crypto/asn1/x_crl.c | 3
crypto/bn/asm/ | 5
crypto/bn/asm/ | 16 -
crypto/bn/bn_exp.c | 5
crypto/bn/bn_mul.c | 5
crypto/bn/bn_prime.c | 3
crypto/bn/bn_sqr.c | 5
crypto/cms/cms_kari.c | 5
crypto/dh/dh_key.c | 2
crypto/dsa/dsa_pmeth.c | 2
crypto/ec/ec2_mult.c | 20 +
crypto/ecdh/ech_ossl.c | 4
crypto/err/err.c | 3
crypto/evp/e_aes.c | 4
crypto/evp/e_rc4_hmac_md5.c | 2
crypto/evp/evp.h | 6
crypto/evp/evp_err.c | 3
crypto/evp/pmeth_fn.c | 30 +-
crypto/evp/pmeth_lib.c | 28 --
crypto/modes/ctr128.c | 2
crypto/opensslv.h | 6
crypto/perlasm/ | 11 -
crypto/rsa/rsa_gen.c | 3
crypto/rsa/rsa_oaep.c | 8
crypto/rsa/rsa_pmeth.c | 4
crypto/s390xcap.c | 1
crypto/ui/ui_lib.c | 138 +++++++------
crypto/ui/ui_openssl.c | 59 +++--
demos/easy_tls/easy-tls.c | 1
doc/apps/ocsp.pod | 9
doc/crypto/EVP_DigestSignInit.pod | 2
doc/crypto/EVP_DigestVerifyInit.pod | 2
doc/crypto/RSA_generate_key.pod | 2
doc/crypto/X509_NAME_get_index_by_NID.pod | 3
doc/crypto/X509_NAME_print_ex.pod | 8
doc/ssl/SSL_CTX_set_session_cache_mode.pod | 2
doc/ssl/SSL_get_error.pod | 22 --
doc/ssl/SSL_read.pod | 32 +--
doc/ssl/SSL_write.pod | 19 -
engines/ccgost/Makefile | 2
openssl.spec | 2
ssl/bad_dtls_test.c | 5
ssl/s23_pkt.c | 12 -
ssl/s2_lib.c | 2
ssl/s2_pkt.c | 10
ssl/s3_clnt.c | 44 +++-
ssl/s3_pkt.c | 23 +-
ssl/s3_srvr.c | 33 ++-
ssl/ssl_cert.c | 4
ssl/ssl_err.c | 1
ssl/ssl_lib.c | 4
ssl/ssl_locl.h | 2
ssl/ssl_sess.c | 9
ssl/t1_lib.c | 291
util/domd | 11 -
util/ | 8
102 files changed, 836 insertions(+), 634 deletions(-)

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