Re: Recipe Specific Sysroots - An Update

Denys Dmytriyenko

On Thu, Jan 19, 2017 at 04:38:14PM +0000, Richard Purdie wrote:

I've been quiet on this for a while but the patches are progressing and
I've been keeping this branch updated. Its proving a bit painful and
time consuming to fix issues as changes mean large rebuilds so the
debug cycles are getting long and oe-selftest takes several hours.

There was a bit of a breakthrough in making eSDK work again and I'm now
trying to work through the various test cases that are failing on the
autobuilders. I've nearly sent this email several times but the test
results are gradually improving and I think the series is looking
pretty reasonable now.

As things stand, of the ~250 oe-selftests, around 6 or so are failing.
We're having some issues with wic which I really appreciate the help
from Ed on. There have been musl, multilib, tiny, systemd and other
issues but I believe these to be resolved.

Thanks also go to Paul for fixing devtool to work with this.

The change has found dependency problems, mostly in missing tools like
glib-2.0-native and libxml2-native.

The biggest challenge we face is postinstall dependencies. There is a
separate email thread about that one and thanks to some help from
Jussi, I believe we should have a patchset to address this.

The bitbake changes have been posted and are in master-next, as are
most of the OE-Core ones which I could separate out.

M2 is due on Monday and my plan is probably to merge in Recipe Specific
Sysroots and then handle any fallout from there, even if it delays M2
as I don't think I'll be able to take this much further alone. That
implies I'll also take the postinstall changes as this depends on

To delay this any further will mean less time for other layers to adapt
to the changes and put the main release more at risk. I don't think
anyone would like to see this delayed until 2.4. I have given people
plenty of warning this was coming and time to review the patch on the
Thanks, Richard!

Will there be some sort of write-up detailing any work required for other
layers to adapt to this change? Thanks.


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