Layer index enhancements

Paul Eggleton <paul.eggleton@...>

Hi all,

We've done some work recently on the OE layer index [1] and I thought it might
be useful to give a summary of what's been implemented:

* Upgraded to Django 1.8. This was a bunch of work without much visible
impact, however it does mean we are now on an LTS version of Django which is
much easier to maintain and will receive security updates until some time in

* Added the ability to search for recipes inheriting a specific class - just
add inherits:classname to the search text. For example [2] - you can even
search for recipes inheriting several classes [3] (i.e. all specified classes
must be inherited in order to match). Note: any other search words are
interpreted as part of a string that must be present - we haven't switched to
doing keyword-based searching.

* Distros provided by each layer are now collected. I still have to sort out
an issue with the collection so most of them aren't showing up in the index
yet, but the capability exists.

* Update records - each time we do an update (every three hours) or when a
manual update is triggered by Michael, we record the output against the layer
plus a separate overall record for the update showing the output for all
layers (if you log in this is available from Tools -> Updates, but anyone can
access it at [4]). The latter also lets us see how long updates are taking. If
you look over the recent update logs you can see we still have to fix up some
issues with the data (e.g. because of branches and repos going away, missing
dependencies or other metadata issues, etc.). Hopefully making this more
visible will help us to tidy these up.

* The layer submission/editing page now lets you select a git web interface,
so if you're submitting a layer that's hosted on a server providing a cgit,
gitweb or gitlab web interface that isn't one of the common servers we know
about (e.g., github, etc.) then you won't have to figure
out the syntax for the file/tree URLs, you just select the type and it'll set
those fields automatically.

* Fixed a bug that caused recipes to show up twice in the search results if
the searched string appeared in both the name and description. Exact matches
on name now show up first in the search results as well.

* Fixed a recently introduced bug in the OE-Classic search that resulted in
Internal Server errors when searching by name

* We now pick up layer dependencies (and recommends) specified in the
layer.conf, but only if they match the layer name - we don't handle collection
names yet, so this won't currently work where the collection name doesn't
match the layer name (e.g. oe-core, meta-oe...).

* Counts for recipes, machines, classes, appends, and distros are now shown on
each tab on the layer detail page

Thanks to Michael Halstead, Liam Howlett and Mark Hatle for helping me with







Paul Eggleton
Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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