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It's a great point. I have volunteered Mentor's teleconference, but the onsite pickup is always a challenge. Once we've finalized the location, I'll focus on making sure that we have a high quality pickup(s) in the room. If possible, I'll get a true video-conference setup.


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On Mon, 09 Jan 2017 16:04:57 Philip Balister wrote:
As we do around each Embedded Linux Conference, OpenEmbedded will
host a
developer meeting to discuss the state of OpenEmbedded and what efforts
we should focus on over the next six months or so.

All developers and users are welcome to attend. We like to hear feedback
from a variety of people over what works, doesn't work, and is useful to
people using OpenEmbedded for all sort of applications.

The meeting will be held Monday, Feb 20 at a location we can almost
announce. Based on prior years, the meeting will run from 9AM to 5PM.

If you are going to attend add your name to:

Also, go ahead and add ideas for the agenda. We'll organize them better
just before the actual meeting.
So it's great that this is happening, but unfortunately I'm not going to be
able to make it to this one, and I suspect there will be many others who would
like to participate but can't be present in person. In previous meetings we
have really struggled with practical means for remote participation. I don't
expect effective real-time two-way communication, but last time the audio
so poor I wasn't even able to hear what was being said.

Is there a chance that given advance notice we will be able to set something
up that could improve this?



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