Re: [OE-core] Patchwork & patch handling improvements

Martin Jansa

On Thu, Dec 03, 2015 at 12:51:22PM +0000, Burton, Ross wrote:
On 3 December 2015 at 11:43, Barros Pena, Belen <belen.barros.pena@...
and more status values.
You can add status values (to the db directly or via the Django admin
interface), but they will apply to all projects in the Patchwork instance.
Ideally you should be able to set a list of status values per project I
Well it depends on what the extra values are. Martin, what values do you
use? A "merged in staging" value would be useful for everyone.
The list of bundles is in:

Once the patches are added to correct bundles I mark them as archived to
know which ones were sorted (the main page gets empty).

Advantage of bundles (something similar can probably work with tags) is
that the same patch can be in multiple bundles, e.g. I can include some
change in master-next branch and bundle while also adding it to
meta-networking bundle for Joe to merge it when ready.

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