Re: WORKDIR fetcher interaction issue

Martin Jansa

On Thu, Dec 29, 2022 at 3:38 PM Trevor Woerner <twoerner@...> wrote:
On Thu 2022-12-29 @ 01:56:51 PM, Richard Purdie wrote:
> There are variations on this, such as a conditional append on some
> override to SRC_URI but the fundamental problem is one of cleanup when
> unpack is to rerun.

...just to elaborate a bit more on this variation for everyone's benefit
(Richard already understands the details of my scenario):

Some recipes require us to generate config files by hand in order to get a
piece of software/service to work a correctly in our environment. A concrete
example could be specifying the IP address of a time server to use for clock
synchronization in chrony's /etc/chrony.conf file. Another example could be to
provide a /etc/network/interfaces file so networking works on a given device
in our specific network.

In my case I might want to build the same image, for the same device, but use
two different sets of config files. If the device is going to run on my
non-routable network then it will use CONDITION1 config files. If I want to
build a set of images for devices running on my routable network then I'll
need to use the CONDITION2 set of config files:

        ├── README
        ├── conf
        │   └── layer.conf
        └── recipes-configfiles
            ├── chrony
            │   ├── chrony_%.bbappend
            │   └── files
            │       ├── condition1
            │       │   └── chrony.conf
            │       └── condition2
            │           └── chrony.conf
            └── init-ifupdown
                ├── files
                │   ├── condition1
                │   │   └── interfaces
                │   └── condition2
                │       └── interfaces
                └── init-ifupdown_%.bbappend

Then, somewhere, I either specify:

        MACHINEOVERRIDES .= ":condition1"


        MACHINEOVERRIDES .= ":condition2"

NOTE: using "OVERRIDES .= ":conditionX" doesn't work, it has to be a
      MACHINEOVERRIDES since not all overrides are evaluated for the fetcher
      in order to save parsing time (is that correct?)

If I do a:

        $ bitbake <recipe> -c cleansstate

(perhaps "-c clean" would be enough?) then perform a build, I always get the
correct set of config files in my image. If I don't do a clenastate between
builds in which I change the override, then I simply get the last config file
that's in the WORKDIR.

This example is a bit surprising to me.

I understand the case mentioned by Richard that files aren't removed from WORKDIR when they are no longer in SRC_URI (happens to me all the time when e.g. renaming a .patch file and then seeing both old and new .patch file in WORKDIR).

But why doesn't fetcher overwrite your chrony.conf and interfaces file after MACHINEOVERRIDES is changed?

And are you really changing MACHINEOVERRIDES while MACHINE stays the same? I would expect 2 MACHINEs each with own set of MACHINEOVERRIDES and recipes like this being MACHINE_ARCH not TUNE_PKGARCH and then each will have own WORKDIR with own set of files.

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