meta-gplv2 - plan to drop support in master

Richard Purdie

meta-gplv2 makes the TSCs very nervous (certainly YP and I believe OE
TSC people too although it hasn't had an official discussion there). It
has a load of old "pre GPLv3 license" versions of software that haven't
seen security fixes for years. We've limped it along to our last LTS.
It has no active maintainer.

We currently test it on the autobuilder, hence it becomes part of the
YP release process. Things break in it occasionally as development
moves forward and it has often been easier for me to put bandaids on
than doing something about it since I can't move anything forward
unless it passes testing.

We now find it has reproducibility issues which I don't intend to spend
my time fixing so I think it is time to:

a) Drop master from the autobuilder and from our release process.

b) merge a commit deleting layer.conf on master with a commit message
explaining why the layer is a really bad idea and why we're no longer
supporting it.

In parallel Khem has been working on alternative GPLv3 license
avoidance strategies so we will suggest people can use them as they
become available. We need to encourage people to help develop those in
my view which this move would help support.

I appreciate some people do use it but they really shouldn't.
Personally, I don't think we should continue supporting meta-gplv2 even
if someone volunteers as I think we've passed the point where this
makes sense, we need to find a different way.



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