OE-Core copyright notices

Richard Purdie

I've been worrying about license and copyright information in our
codebase for a while. We're slowly getting there with license info and
scripts have good information now. We still need to work out license
info for recipe metadata and patches but one step at a time.

For copyright, I think we need a proposal, so here goes!

I think we should add something, the question is what/where. There was
an LF post about this:


and I'd like to propose we follow the recommendation there and for OE-
Core, go with:

"Copyright OpenEmbedded Contributors"

where we don't already have a copyright statement. Similarly, bitbake
would be "Copyright BitBake Contributors" but I think much of bitbake
does have copyright statements so is already in a better state.

If individuals want to mention themselves as authors or named copyright
holders, or it is a company requirement, that is fine too as things are
today, this is mainly to cover the case where there is no current

Where we have year information, we may want to phase that out as it
doesn't buy us anything.

I'm mentioning this as we have OEDVM on Friday and this may (or may
not) be something we need to discuss. I do want to ensure people not at
the meeting also see this and have an opportunity to discuss.



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