Re: [Automated-testing] RFC Linter in meta-openembedded

Richard Purdie

On Sat, 2022-04-16 at 13:38 +0200, Marius Kriegerowski wrote:
One more thing: As I heard patchtest is basically dead at the moment. If I
pick up on it I’ll first add documentation and fix all PEP8 violations, and
add some CI to run (at least) flake8 and pytest. I’ll also add type hints as
all that avoids errors and allows the next one to pick up the project with
greater confidence. I’ll also add unit tests.
My personal thoughts are that whilst the pep8 changes are laudable, the real
issues lie elsewhere with patchtest and it may be better to look at getting it
going again first with improvements to the language standard being made along
the way. All too often I see these cleanups breaking something, or simply making
it hard to look up where/why a change was made as you have to try and navigate
through the more cosmetic changes. I appreciate that isn't the answer you wanted

Unit tests on the other hand would be good to add.

All that will lead to pretty large change sets. Do I need to send everything
one by one as patches and wait for reviews or can I work on my
clone and open a merge
request somewhere?
Creating a branch and working on it seems fine. The challenge for anyone trying
to review things is that we don't have a working patchtest instance any more and
the people who knww that codebase no longer work on the project. Posting patches
as you go may help ensure any pointers anyone can give about direction are made
before you get too far along a given path though.



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