Key areas of future development - Big feature planning/development

Richard Purdie

Hi All,

I wanted to update people on some of the results of the "5 year plan"
discussions that have been going on. A lot of the discussion was summarised into
this wiki page:

On there there is a list of topic areas which were raised as potential areas of
development for the project looking a few years into the future. It isn't a
complete list and there may be other things which happen for a whole spectrum of
reasons but it is a set of potential ideas.

We've concluded that as well as development work in these areas, there are two
other pieces often needed, programme management and technical leadership. We
know we're struggling with with all three components in many areas.

I therefore wanted to ask if there were any people interested in helping with
the technical leadership of any of those areas?

It is something I often end up doing but it doesn't have to be me and the
reality is I couldn't scale and handle all these areas. In particular, someone
to help setup and lead a security team would be extremely helpful to the

We do have two areas covered already, Bruce Ashfield is leading the Binary
Distro topic and Khem Raj is going to cover GPLv2 plans. To be clear, this is
the leadership pieces of these areas, i.e. facilitating the discussions,
breaking down the problems into solvable components, reaching agreement and
making a plan. The actual work being done is then a separate issue with it's own
challenges, but the chances of things happening massively increase where a plan
is present and agreed.

I'd like the thank Bruce and Khem for stepping up in those areas!

For inclusive language, I think things stalled because we'd underestimated the
need for what I'll term "programme management". Whilst we did have a plan, it
was hard to know who was doing what by when. If there are people able to help
with this kind of management in any of the topic areas, that help would also be
appreciated as otherwise things do tend to stall out.

Sometimes it helps to make a clear ask so I wanted to highlight this as
something we've learnt from the process and some of the recent topics we've
worked on. If anyone is interested or has questions let me (or any of the TSC)



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