Kirkstone/LTS release freeze and branching plans

Richard Purdie

Hi All,

Feature freeze time in upon us for 3.5/Kirkstone, technically tomorrow (MonĀ 
21st). I think I have a reasonably clear idea of what I intend to do now.

I'm intending the inclusive language changes will merge. Most of these are in
master-next and are now basically ready IMO. We're missing a fix for the error
handling of recipe parse errors in bitbake and the license exclusion changes for
which we do now have a plan.

I've also a patchset which changes the LICENSE fields in OE-Core to SDPX
identifiers along with a conversion script people can use on other layers. We
may as well do this while we're changing things.

To adapt to the variable renames, there is a conversion script in OE-Core:


and for SPDX licenses:


which you can run against a given layer.

I've updated the layer series name in OE-Core to kirkstone. We're not
advertising any compatibility with honister due to the renames. I'd advise
caution marking a layer to work with both due to the renaming.

I'm torn on timing, the merge will certainly be in the next few days. It would
be way easier for me just to get on and merge everything now, that then frees up
other layers to start adapting. I know the license exclusion change will trigger
a further tweak to the conversion script and I was hoping to only cause issues
for people once. That variable is very uncommon outside core so perhaps it
doesn't matter that much though and we're as ready as we can be. I also realise
the timing with a US holiday isn't ideal.

I've cc'd various layer maintainers, particularly those with red builds on the
autobuilder with the changes.

I'll try and create the kirkstone branches when these merge. If anyone is aware
of anything which should be in the release but isn't yet, please let me know



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