Re: Inclusive Language changes - design choices

Richard Purdie

On Thu, 2022-02-17 at 10:17 +0000, Richard Purdie via
On Tue, 2022-02-15 at 12:08 +0000, Richard Purdie via
In all the above cases there are still the issues that:

1) showing errors doesn't make bitbake exit or stop the build
2) It won't handle variables from the shell environment. This will likely need
special code in bitbake.
3) There are probably some variables which are removed and no longer
used/supported which we should also tell the user about (show a message instead
of a rename?)
4) The current code doesn't handle overridden variables. This is easier to add
to c) but something for b) should be possible.

I had been wondering about c) above and keeping overhead down but I think we'll
just have to go back to b) and try and work through the issues above. I worry
that stopping the builds on error in particular is going to be problematic. I
felt I should at least share some of the complexities of this with people so
that if it doesn't end up happening, the complexity of the issue is at least
more visible.
Let me follow up on where things are now at. I worked on the bitbake level
rename support and we have a patch which resolves some of the issues above. 2)
is fixed, 4) partially works and may still need tweaking. 1) was fixed but I
think may have regressed again as the autobuilder didn't stop builds the way I
expected it to. 3) still isn't done.

Joshua was able to fix the erroronce/warnonce log implementation, thanks.

Thanks to patches from Saul and Scott we have:

* a conversion script in master-next which converts metadata to match renames
* patches for bitbake and oe-core to transition to several of the new names

I was able to get the changes in master-next to run on the autobuilder with
unconverted layers being the failure cases.

The remaining things I'm aware of that need to be done are:

a) Resolve BB_DISKMON_DIRS in bitbake (last remaining bitbake rename)
b) Add some mechanism to show an error about now unused variables
c) Check builds really stop at parsing if errors are shown
d) Tweak the code for checking if overridden versions of variables are set
e) bump bitbake version and change the OE-Core minimum version requirement
f) consider changing the layer compatibility string to match for this
g) Handle ICECC_USER*/ICECC_SYSTEM* changes
h) Do something with the WHITELIST_(ANY LICENSE) variable
i) Scan over OE-Core for whitelist/blacklist variable name usage in python code
and propose patches for the issues
j) translate the names in the docs (the script should handle that)
k) document the conversion script and write the migration guide entry
b), d), e), f), g) are now in master-next but will need debugging and impact
other layers.

I think a), c) and h) probably block merging, the remainder can follow post
merge for core.



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