Re: Improve native/cross recipe reproducibility

Richard Purdie

On Mon, 2021-11-22 at 14:12 +0100, Jacob Kroon wrote:
On 11/22/21 09:00, Jacob Kroon via wrote:

Some days ago there was a patch in OE-Core that updated the
Upstream-Status tags in a couple of the gcc patches. I figured this
wouldn't cause too much of rebuilding thanks to hashequiv, but it did,
and all my target packages got rebuilt.

It turns out that gcc embeds a checksum of its build artifacts, which
includes .a archives, and those will most likely differ between
gcc-cross builds since the timestamps of the .o files are included as
meta information by default. There is a way to configure binutils in
such a way that ar and ranlib defaults to being deterministic
(--enable-deterministic-archives), but I don't think distros like Fedora
do that.

The target gcc reproduces because it is built with binutils-cross, and
binutils-cross *is* configured with --enable-deterministic-archives.
gcc-cross however is built with the host's binutils.

I proposed a gcc patch
for building gcc with the 'D' flags passed to ar/ranlib, but it turns
out it is not portable to all platforms. But it did mean that gcc-cross

Next thing I tried was to let gcc-cross depend on binutils-native, so I
made sure the tools were not removed during do_install(), added the
deterministic configure switch and added the dependency to gcc-cross,
and again gcc-cross reproduced. However, RP raised some concerns about
circular dependencies and increased build times.

Also, it might be better if *all* cross/native recipes would use
deterministic ar/ranlib, so next thing was to try and pass "-D" in
BUILD_AR and BUILD_RANLIB. This causes problems with recipes that do
"$(AR) cru ...". This becomes "ar D cru ..." which is a fatal error in
ar, see;a=blob;f=binutils/ar.c;h=8885585ef7537450f0f0990a5eeea7eb16bcad8f;hb=HEAD#l814.

So next idea was to add wrappers around ar/ranlib (similar to what is
done today for chown/chgrp for native recipes) that filters the options
and makes them behave as if they were built with
--enable-deterministic-archives. This also reproduces gcc-cross, but
introducing more wrapper scripts is perhaps not so great.

Here are the fragile wrappers I used:

args=$(echo $1 | sed -e "s/u//g")
PATH=$(echo $PATH | sed -e "s,$(dirname $(realpath -s $0)),,g")
exec ar D $args $*

PATH=$(echo $PATH | sed -e "s,$(dirname $(realpath -s $0)),,g")
exec ranlib -D $*

Thoughts anyone ?
I've attached an oe-core patch that adds the wrappers above to native
and cross builds.
I think this would be something really useful to fix. For ranlib, we can
probably just patch BUILD_RANLIB to add the flag. For ar, we need to remove the
u option so it can only really be done with an intercept.

I did try this on the autobuilder with your ar intercept and the ranlib flag
tweak with:

It broke as the above needs to be:

exec ar D$args $*

with no space else it breaks, at least on ubuntu1804. I'll try again with that

As mentioned on irc, I am a little worried about the fork overhead in the
wrapper too as fork overhead does seem to be a build pain point for us and the
hit on a more complex program like python may be worth it, not sure.



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