Re: Disruptive changes and the next LTS 3.5 - what to aim for?

Rich Persaud

On Sep 9, 2021, at 12:09, Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@...> wrote:

Hi All,

We have a decision facing us with 3.5. There are a number of invasive issues
looming on the horizon and I'm not sure exactly what the best thing to do with
them is.

a) Inclusive language

A lot of variables potentially need renaming with varying options for backwards
compatibility. Do we add compatibility for all cases. How much do we help users
with migration? Is there wide support for the changes?

Do we change the master branch to something else? I personally have a preference
for "devel" over "main" regardless of what others are doing as it matches what
it is in our case. 

Old English mægen (Mercian megen) "power, bodily strength; force, violent effort; strength of mind or will; efficacy; supernatural power," from Proto-Germanic *maginam "power" (source also of Old High German megin "strength, power, ability"), suffixed form of PIE root *magh- "to be able, have power."

Original sense of "power" is preserved in phrase might and main. Also used in Middle English for "royal power or authority" (c. 1400), "military strength" (c. 1300), "application of force" (c. 1300).

The etymology of "main" invokes hierarchy rather than inclusive meritocracy.

+1 for "devel" (works as verb, noun and adjective) or "unstable" (adjective).


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