Re: Linux 5.10 LTS "mixin" layer for Dunfell

Mark Hatle

Did someone already backport the change to Dunfell to fix the for out
of tree kernel builds?

Master commit 596b0474d3d?

For gatesgarth, we ended up porting a copy of this into our distribution branch,
as it was rejected for a backport.

Also there was a necessary change for kernel-devsrc as well, I believe the
oe-core commit was: cb940d8af359fa370254bd4c2b36ba26708bb54b


classes/kernel.bbclass and recipes-kernel/linux

this was the best way we could find to override these files for gatesgarth.


On 7/19/21 12:55 PM, Denys Dmytriyenko wrote:

Recently several Yocto Project members have expressed interest in being able
to upgrade the Linux kernel in Dunfell LTS release from 5.4 to 5.10. Both of
those Linux kernel versions are designated "longterm"[1], but at the time
Dunfell was released in April 2020, 5.10 was not out yet.

Recommended way to add new features or upgrade components in Yocto LTS
releases is with the so called "mixin" layers[2]. After discussing some of
the details of such layer among the Yocto Project TSC and other interested
developers, as well as testing the concept for few weeks, I'd like to make
this open to a wider consumption in hopes it would be useful to others.

This Linux kernel "mixin" layer is currently hosted on GitHub under my
name[3], but can be moved to a more public space, like Yocto Project git
server, if it gets traction and is found useful to others. Please feel free
to try it and provide feedback. Thanks!


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