Re: Should we change variable override formatting?

Richard Purdie

On Fri, 2021-07-16 at 17:46 +0100, Richard Purdie via wrote:
Just to update, I have an experiment:

This contains a conversion script which can convert poky to use ":" 
instead of "_" as the override character (i.e. all of oe-core, meta-yocto, 
docs and bitbake inc. tests). I had to add in only two special hand cases
to the conversion code which is better than I expected (so far).

There is also a quick hack to make bitbake use the new override format 
(but no optimisation to the code) and a commit showing the result of the 

Right now, this will successfully "bitbake -p", i.e. it parses. It will
even run a build but crashes out in gcc-cross do_compile.
Branch updated, it now lets a core-image-sato build successfully.



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