Re: Inclusive Language - wiki page

Mark Hatle

On 7/7/21 7:30 AM, Armin Kuster wrote:
Hello all,

The Yocto Project TSC has created a wiki page to start making notes of
offending names and possible replacements. At some point, this wiki page
should include a plan on moving forward.  Our hope is this will help
streamline the process when folks send patches to replace offending
Everyone is welcome to find and make note of any offending names in the
tables on the wiki to help scope out this effort.
In the variables table:

PNBLACKLIST, I'd prefer PNEXCLUDELIST, or PNBLOCKLIST. (I think exclude better
captures what it does.)

Confused, where it says current name is whitelist, suggested rename is
'excludelist', isn't that the exact opposite?

SSTATE_DUPWHITELIST, this is really a list of things to ignore. So my

CVE_CHECK_PN_WHITELIST, I think there is a typo in the table for the replacement
(missing an L). But like the above, I think ignore is a better word then skip
here. So my suggestion would be CVE_CHECK_PN_IGNORELIST.


for background.

On behalf of The Yocto Project TSC.

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