OpenEmbedded Developers Virtual meeting

Philip Balister

Part of the Yocto Project Summit (May 25-26, 2021), OpenEmbedded is
hosting a Virtual Developer meeting.
( Since this
will be a virtual event, we are going to try and set up the developer
meeting with more structure than previous meetings.

We've seeded a few topics and are looking for people to moderate them.
If I know you are active in certian areas, I'll be talking to you this
week. But please, we would like to get new voices involved solving some
of these high level issues. We also welcome topics that matter to end
users, so don't be afraid you aren't enough of a developer to
participate. As we get topics better defined and have moderators signed
up, we will add them to the summit schedule.

The format is described on the wiki (if you need an account, sign up and
message me to approve the account):


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