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I took the occasion to check what is the mechanism of overriding.

Below what myself found in Bitbake User Manual, ch. 3.3. Conditional Syntax
(Overrides) "You can use OVERRIDES to ... conditionally append or prepend
the value of a variable."
This is the point where I wonder why overriding is discussed in context of
append and prepend.
Which element of appending and prepending operations has the nature of
overriding other things?

If to use same chapter in order to continue my point regarding intersection
of overriding and appending/prepending
I don't see in example provided in bullet "Appending and Prepending:" any
piece of variable original value get literally overridden.
In contrary some further components get appended/prepended to original
content, myself doesn't understand
the word "override" this way.
As _append, _prepend, _remove are special cases of the override mechanism.
That was one of the reasons for 2015 discussion during OEDEM to see if _append
and _prepend need to be re-implemented to not confuse with regular overrides.

My personal preference is to describe things as they are. Naming stuff is
also describing that stuff.
In case of append/prepend description seems to be misleading, it seems to
suggest non-existing behavior.
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