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> > Just FWIW, much of our parsing speed pain now is in the tons of anonymous
> > python people keep adding, thinking little of the overhead about trying to
> > parse it all for dependencies and run it all...
> Is there a benchmark tool for measuring BitBake parse speed? I've been 
> digging into DataSmart. I see oe-build-perf-test but as the name implies 
> it seems like it's for build speed testing.

The perf test does include a parse speed test which is basically 
"time bitbake -p" with varying levels of cache being present.

You can get interesting profiling data with "bitbake -P" too.

As an alternative to just 'time', there are useful tools for basic statistical analysis for benchmarking of cli operations, such as hyperfine ( nowadays.

I always liked to think of OVERRIDES as one of the mechanisms used to implement a layered hierarchy of metadata -- *not referring to oe layers here, but conceptual ones*, whereby our metadata ranges from most generic to most specific, generic, distro, arch, machine, forced/local, which is also implemented by the order of includes in bitbake.conf, adjusted for realities (can't include local after distro since local sets distro :).
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